Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to bring my actual library card every time I check out?

Yes, or you may present your government-issued ID (which must match information within your account). Photos or photo copies are not an acceptable substitute.  This policy ensures that patron privacy is protected and that the library is in compliance with privacy laws.  Additionally, this ensures that consistent and equal service is offered to all patrons. 

Will I be notified if I have overdue items? 

Yes, you will be notified by email or by a printed notice sent by mail. Reminders are a courtesy, however, returning materials on time is the responsibility of the borrower.  Remember, you may access your account online at any time in My Account.  Additionally, to ensure that notices may be delivered successfully, changes to your contact information must be reported to the library.  

Will I be notified if I have a fine? 
You will receive a printed notice if you have an unpaid balance exceeding $25.00. 

Does the library charge for damage to items? 
Yes. Library items should be returned in the same good condition as they were checked out. If they are returned with major damage (e.g. damaged by liquids, moldy, chewed by a pet, pages or pictures cut out or missing, etc.) you will be asked to pay the original cost of the item. Lesser damage, such as the removal of labeling or other repairable damage may also incur a fee.  

In the event that library materials that have been checked out on your library card are stolen, you are responsible for the cost of the items. Check with your insurance. You may be covered for the cost of the theft. Report the theft to the police.

Does the library use a Materials Recovery agency to track down long overdue materials? 
Yes. Library accounts owing $35 or more in fines and/or in materials that have not been returned will be referred to a materials recovery agency. Patrons who have long overdue or irreparably damaged items (both referred to as "lost") on their account will not able to check out additional library materials until the fines are paid or lost items are returned (access to e-materials, computers, and physical materials within the library will not be blocked).

How can I avoid overdue item(s) or Material Recovery fees? 

  • Keep your checkout receipt.
  • Bookmark the library catalog, and check your account online.
  • Call the Circulation Desk at (714) 738-6333. We will be happy to tell you what's due, renew your items, and explain how you can view your account online.
  • Talk to us about any unusual circumstances regarding your items. Let us know right away if there is a problem. 
  • Return your library items to the 24-hour outside book drop (to the left of the Main Library entrance). Items returned in the outside book drop will need to be returned by midnight on the date due.

Should I let you know if I change my address? 
Yes. Let us know whenever you change any information on your library record. Our notification system requires up-to-date patron information.