Study Room Policy

Rules of Use

The study rooms are for the purpose of quiet group study and discussion.  Study rooms are available at no charge and may be utilized only by Fullerton Public Library cardholders in 9th grade or above whose library accounts are active and in good standing.

Group study rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. They may not be booked ahead of time. 

•    The study rooms are intended for use by small groups. Please observe the posted seating capacity. (Interior: 8 people, Street: 10 people, YA: 5 people) Single persons may be allowed to use a room but as priority is given to groups, may be bumped at any time with no one-hour minimum.

•    Group study rooms are for use for a one-hour period, once per day.  Depending on availability, additional time per day may be permitted. A staff member will notify a group when the room is needed--groups may stay in their room until then. 

•    A group may use the study rooms more than once per day, however, groups who have already used the rooms earlier that day may be bumped at any time with no one-hour minimum. 

•    Study rooms are available during library hours of operation. All study rooms must be vacated fifteen (15) minutes prior to the library closing.

•    All users of the study room are expected to follow Fullerton Public Library’s Code of Conduct.

•    Study room users shall keep the noise level to a minimum and shall not disrupt other users of the library. If the noise level disrupts other users of the library, the individuals causing the excessive noise shall be removed from the study room.

•    Consumption of food in the study rooms is prohibited. Drinks must be in a covered container. No meals are permitted. 

•    Patrons who use the study rooms are expected to leave the rooms in their original order.

Responsibility for the Room and Its Contents:
We require at least one member of the group to provide a form of photo identification or an active Fullerton Public Library card in good standing in exchange for use of the room. The person who provides their identification will be considered responsible for the room and its contents. 

If the responsible person is under 18, his or her parent or legal guardian will be responsible.