Harbor Boulevard in 1927. looking south toward the Pacific Electric viaduct and downtown Fullerton. The viaduct reads "Welcome To Fullerton" on the north side.


Local History Hours

The Local History has open public access hours:

Sunday- Closed

Monday- Closed

Tuesday- 11am-1pm

Wednesday- 11am-1pm

Thursday- 11am-1pm

Friday- 11am-1pm

Saturday- Closed  

Please call (714) 738-6342 or use the Ask an Archivist form to contact the Local History Room staff.


What is the Local History Room?

The Local History Room, located in the Fullerton Public Library, is an archive dedicated to preserving knowledge and artifacts about the history of the Fullerton community. It is a great place to do research about the history of the places, people, and important events in Fullerton such as researching the history of your home, your family, or the town of Fullerton.

Research Fullerton
Use our digital photos, city directories, and local newspapers to discover the history of Fullerton.
Research Your Family
Use our digital yearbooks, birth and death records, and city directories to discover the history of your family.
Research Your Home
Use our digital building database and city directories to discover the history of your home or business.
Fullerton's Female Trailblazers
Found out more information on some of Fullerton's Female Trailblazers during Women's History Month.