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Picture Books

Andrews, Julie. The Very Fairy Princess. [AR BL 3.7, Pts. 0.5]
Despite her scabby knees and dirty fingernails, Geraldine knows that she is a princess inside and shows it through her behavior at home and in school.

Angleberger, Tom. The Princess and the Pit Stop. [AR BL 2.8, Pts. 0.5]
When a Princess learns that she is in last place in a car race against such fairy tale notables as Humpty Dumpty, the Three Bears, and Rumpelstiltskin, she boldly rebuffs defeat.

Auch, Mary Jane. The Princess and the Pizza. [AR BL 4.2, Pts. 0.5]
An out-of-work princess applies to become the bride of Price Drupert, but first she must pass several tests, including a cooking contest.

Beaton, Kate. The Princess and the Pony. [AR BL 3.0, Pts. 0.5]
Princess Pinecone would like a real war horse for her birthday. Instead, she gets a plump, cute pony. But sometimes cuteness can be a kind of weapon, especially in a fight with dodgeballs, spitballs, hairballs, and squareballs.

Cali, Davide. Snow White and the 77 Dwarfs. [AR BL 2,4, Pts. 0.5]
Snow White finds that maintaining the home of the seventy-seven dwarfs is exhausting.

Cuyler, Margery. Princess Bess Gets Dressed. [AR BL 3.3, Pts. 0.5]
A fashionably dressed princess reveals her favorite clothes at the end of a busy day.

Ehrlich, Amy. Cinderella. [AR BL 4.7, Pts. 0.5]
Susan Jeffers’ exquisite illustrations adorn this retelling in which Cinderella’s haste to flee the palace before the fairy godmother's magic loses effect, causes her to leave behind a glass slipper.

Falconer, Ian. Olivia and the Fairy Princesses. [AR 2.5, Pts. 0.5]
Olivia is having an identity crisis! There are too many ruffly, sparkly princesses around these days, and Olivia has had quite enough. She needs to stand out and be special.

Gaiman, Neil.  Cinnamon. [AR BL 5.1, Pts. 0.5]
The parents of pearl-eyed princess Cinnamon offer a reward to anyone who can help their daughter speak, a plea answered by an exotic tiger who arrives at the palace, armed with knowledge of the world.

Gibb, Sarah. Sleeping Beauty. [AR n/a]
Princess Rosebud and her kingdom are cursed by a maleficent fairy to sleep for a hundred years before a prince can break the spell.

Hart, Caryl. The Princess and the Giant. [AR n/a]
When Princess Sophie cannot get any sleep because of the noisy giant above her, she climbs a beanstalk to see if she can solve the problem.

Heide, Florence Parry. Princess Hyacinth (The Surprising Tale of a Girl who Floated).
[AR BL 3.4, Pts. 0.5]
Princess Hyacinth is bored and unhappy sitting in her palace every day, because unless she is weighed down by specially made clothes, she will float away, but her days are made brighter when kite-flying Boy stops to say hello.

Holabird, Katherine. Angelina at the Palace. [AR BL 4.3, Pts.]
When Angelina Ballerina is recruited to help with the anniversary celebration of the king and queen of Mouseland, she finds herself in charge of preparing the three young princesses for their performance.

Joose Barbara. Lovabye Dragon. [AR BL 3.5, Pts. 0.5]
When a lonely dragon follows a trail of princess tears, a beautiful friendship is born. They march and sing, roar and whisper, hide and seek, and then settle into snug companionship at bedtime.

Kann, Victoria. Goldilicious. [AR BL 3.2, Pts. 0.5]
A little girl and her brother play with her imaginary gold-horned unicorn that can float on water, fly, and turn herself into a fairy princess.

Kemp, Anna. The Worst Princess. [AR BL 3.1, Pts. 0.5]
Lonely Princess Sue longs to leave her castle tower, but when her prince finally rescues her, she realizes she is destined for a less traditional partner.

Lammle, Leslie. Princess Wannanbe. [AR BL 3.1, Pts. 0.5]
When a lonely dragon follows a trail of princess tears, a beautiful friendship is born. They march and sing, roar and whisper, hide and seek, and then settle into snug companionship at bedtime.

Lee, Y. J. The Little Moon Princess. [AR BL 4.0, Pts. 0.5]
With the help of a friendly sparrow, the little moon princess, who is afraid of the dark, uses the jewels on the surface of her moon to light up the sky.

Maccarone, Grace. Princess Tales: Once Upon a Time in Rhyme and Seek-and-Find Pictures. [AR BL 4.5, Pts. 1.0]
This book is a collection of ten classic fairy tales with hidden pictures.

Munsch, Robert. The Paper Bag Princess. [AR BL 3.8, Pts. 0.5]
Elizabeth, a princess, outwits a dragon to rescue Ronald, the prince she intends to marry. But when she discovers that Ronald, who looks like a prince and acts like a bum, she decides not to marry him after all.

Ross, Tony. I Didn’t Do It! [AR n/a]
When things start going wrong around the castle everyone blames the Little Princess.

San Souci, Robert D. The Well at the End of the World. [AR BL 5.6, Pts. 0.5]
Feisty Princess Rosamond, who prefers good books to good looks, risks her throne and all her wealth to save her father's life.

Stevens, Janet. The Princess and the Pea. [AR n/a]
A young girl feels a pea through twenty mattresses and twenty featherbeds and proves that she is a real princess.

Wilcox, Leah. Falling for Rapunzel. [AR BL 2.7, Pts. 0.5]
A prince tries to get Rapunzel to throw down her hair so he can rescue her, but she mishears him and throws down random objects from her room instead.

Nonfiction (Picture Book Folklore)

398 BRE Brett, Jan. Beauty and the Beast. [AR BL 5.3, Pts. 0.5]
Through her great capacity to love, a kind and beautiful maid releases a handsome prince from the spell which has made him an ugly beast.

398 CLI Climo Shirley. The Egyptian Cinderella. [AR BL 4.5, Pts. 0.5]
In this version of Cinderella set in Egypt in the sixth century B. C., Rhodopes, a slave girl, eventually comes to be chosen by the Pharaoh to be his queen.

398 CLI Climo, Shirley. The Korean Cinderella. [AR BL 4.1, Pts. 0.5]
In this version of Cinderella set in ancient Korea, Pear Blossom, a stepchild, eventually comes to be chosen by the magistrate to be his wife.

398 DEP DePaola, Tomi. Adelita: a Mexican Cinderella Story. [AR BL 3.3, Pts. 0.5]
After the death of her mother and father, Adelita is badly mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters until she finds her own true love at a grand fiesta.

398 GRI Grimm, The Brothers. The Sleeping Beauty. [AR n/a]
Retells the story of a wicked fairy who casts a spell that dooms a princess to sleep for one hundred years.

398 GRI Grimm, The Brothers. Sleeping Beauty.  [AR BL 5.5, Pts. 0.5]
Enraged at not being invited to the princess's christening, the thirteenth fairy casts a spell that dooms the princess to sleep for one hundred years. This edition is retold and illustrated by award-winning Trina Schart Hyman.

398 GRI Grimm, The Brothers. Snow White. [AR BL5.1, Pts. 0.5]
A Trina Shart Hyman illustrated retelling of the familiar story of the beautiful young princess, the wicked stepmother, the seven gold-mining little men, and the handsome prince.

398 HAN Han, Oki S. Kongi and Potgi: a Cindrella Story from Korea. [AR BL 4.5, Pts. 0.5]
Although Kongi is treated unfairly by her stepmother and stepsister, she proves she is worthy to become the Prince's bride.

398 HIC Hickox, Rebecca. The Golden Slipper: a Middle Eastern Cinderella. [AR BL 4.7, Pts. 0.5]
An Iraqi version of the Cinderella story in which a kind and beautiful girl who is mistreated by her stepmother and stepsister finds a husband with the help of a magic fish.

398 JAF Jaffe, Nina. The Way Meat Loves Salt: A Cinderella Tale from the Jewish Tradition. [AR n/a]
In this Eastern European Jewish variant of the Cinderella story, the youngest daughter of a rabbi is sent away from home in disgrace, but thanks to the help of the prophet Elijah, marries the son of a renowned scholar and is reunited with her family.

398 MAR Martin, Rafe. The Rough-Face Girl. [AR BL 4.0, Pts. 0.5]
In this Algonquin Indian version of the Cinderella story, the Rough-Face Girl and her two beautiful but heartless sisters compete for the affections of the Invisible Being.

398 PER Perrault, Charles. Cinderella, or the Little Glass Slipper.
Caldecott Medal-winning translation by Marcia Brown, retells the classic Cinderella tale.

398 SAN San Souci, Robert D. Cendrillon. A Caribbean Cinderella. [AR BL 3.7, Pts 0.5]
A Creole variant of the familiar Cinderella tale set in the Caribbean and narrated by the godmother who helps Cendrillon find true love.

Louie, Ai-Ling. Yeh-Shen: A Cinderella Story from China. [AR BL 5.1, Pts. 0.5]
A young Chinese girl overcomes the wickedness of her stepsister and stepmother to become the bride of a prince.

398 ZEL Zelinsky, Paul O. Rapunzel. [AR BL 4.6, Pts. 0.5]
The Caldecott Medal-winning retelling of a folktale in which a beautiful girl with long golden hair is kept imprisoned in a lonely tower by a sorceress.

398.2 KIM Kimmel, Eric. The Frog Princess: A Tlinget Legend from Alaska. [AR BL 3.5, Pts. 0.5]
After rejecting all her human suitors, the beautiful daughter of a Tlingit tribal leader declares that she would rather marry a frog from the lake.

398.208 TON Tonatiuh, Duncan. The Princess and the Warrior: A Tale of Two Volcanoes. [AR BL 4.3, Pts. 0.5]
This reimagining of one of Mexico's cherished legends shares the story of how two volcanoes formed from the love and devotion between a warrior and his princess.