*Items may be found in multiple locations. Check the catalog or ask a librarian for assistance.

Alexander Lloyd. The Book of Three. (Prydain Chronicles #1)* [AR BL 5.3, Pts. 7.0]
Taran, assistant pig-keeper to a famous prophetic sow, sets out on a hazardous mission to save Prydain from the forces of evil.

Bellairs, John. The House with a Clock in its Walls.* [AR BL 5.0, Pts. 6.0]
A boy goes to live with his magician uncle in a mansion that has a clock hidden in the walls which is ticking off the minutes until doomsday.

Black, Holly. The Iron Trial. (Magisterium #1) [AR BL 5.6, Pts. 13.0]
Warned away from magic all of his life, Callum endeavors to fail the trials that would admit him to the Magisterium only to be drawn into its ranks against his will and forced to confront dark elements of his past.

Blackwood, Sage. Jinx. (Jinx Trilogy #1) [AR BL 4.2, Pts. 10.0]
An orphaned boy named Jinx encounters magic and danger as he grows up in the deep, dark forest known as the Urwald, and discovers that the world beyond—and within—the Urwald is more complex than he could imagine.

Brittain, Bill. The Wish Giver: Three Tales of Coven Tree.* [AR BL 4.4, Pts. 4.0]
When a strange little man comes to the Coven Tree Church Social promising he can give people exactly what they ask for, three young believers-in-magic each make a wish that comes true in the most unexpected way.

Buckley, Michael. The Fairy-tale Detectives. (Sisters Grimm #1)* [AR BL 5.2, Pts. 9.0]
Orphans Sabrina and Daphne Grimm are sent to live with an eccentric Grandmother who they have always believed to be dead.

Colfer, Chris. The Wishing Spell. (Land of Stories #1)* [AR BL 5.0, Pts. 15.0]
Through the powers of a book of stories, twins Alex and Connor leave their world behind and find themselves in a land full of wonder and magic where they come face to face with the fairy tale characters they grew up reading about.

Coville, Bruce. Jennifer Murdley’s Toad.* [AR BL 4.6, Pts. 4.0]
When an ordinary looking fifth grader purchases a talking toad, she embarks on a series of extraordinary adventures.

Dahl, Roald. The Witches.* [AR BL 4.7, Pts. 5.0]
A young boy and his grandmother, who is an expert on witches, try to foil a witches’ plot to destroy the world’s children by turning them into mice.

Duane, Diane. So You Want to be a Wizard. (Young Wizards #1)* [AR BL 5.9, Pts. 11.0]
13-year-old Nita, tormented by a gang of bullies because she won’t fight back, finds the help she needs in a library book on wizardry which guides her into another dimension.

Eager, Edward. Half Magic.* [AR BL 5.0, Pts. 5.0]
Four kids suddenly find themselves involved in a series of extraordinary adventures after one of them discovers an ordinary looking coin that seems to grant wishes.

Epstein, Adam Jay. The Familiars. (The Familiars #1)* [AR BL 6.3, Pts10.0]
When a scrappy alley cat named Aldwyn passes himself off as a magic animal companion to Jack, a young wizard in training, Aldwyn and his fellow “Familiars”, a know-it-all blue jay and a bumbling tree frog, must save the kingdom after the evil queen of Vastia kidnaps Jack and two other wizards.

Funke, Cornelia.Inkheart. (Inkheart Trilogy #1)* [AR BL 5.4, Pts. 23.0]
12-year-old Maggie learns that her father, who repairs and binds books for a living, can “read” fictional characters to life when one of those characters abducts them and tries to force him into service.

LeGuin, Ursula. A Wizard of Earthsea. (Earthsea #1)* [AR BL 6.7, Pts. 9.0]
A boy grows to manhood while attempting to subdue the evil he unleashed on the world as an apprentice to the master wizard.

Mull, Brandon. Fablehaven. (Fablehaven #1)* [AR BL 4.8, Pts. 11.0]
When Kendra and Seth go to stay at their grandparents’ estate, they discover that it is a sanctuary for magical creatures and that a battle between good and evil is looming.

Riordan, Rick. The Lost Hero. (Heroes of Olympus #1) [AR BL 4.5, Pts. 19.0]
Three students from a school for “bad kids” find themselves at Camp Half-blood, where they learn that they are demigods and begin a quest to free Hera who has been imprisoned by Mother Earth herself.

Sage, Annie. Magyk. (Septimus Heap #1)* [AR BL 6.0 18.0]
After learning she is a princess, Jenna is whisked away from her home and carried toward safety by the Extraordinary Wizard,  two people who she thought were her father and brother, and a guard known only as Boy 412— pursued by agent of those who killed her mother 10 years earlier.

Schlitz, Laura Amy. Splendors and Glooms. [AR BL 5.1, Pts. 15] Clara vanishes after the puppeteer Grisini and two orphaned assistants perform at her twelfth birthday party, casting suspicion of kidnapping on Grisini and drawing the two orphans into a trap set by Grisini's ancient rival.  

Winthrop, Elizabeth. The Castle in the Attic.* [AR BL 4.9, Pts. 6.0]
A gift of a toy castle, complete with a silver knight, introduces William to an adventure involving magic and a personal quest.

Wrede, Patricia. Dealing with Dragons. (Enchanted Forest Chronicles #1)* [AR BL 5.5, Pts. 8.0]
Bored with traditional palace life, a princess goes off to live with a group of dragons and soon becomes involved with fighting against wizards who want to steal away the dragons’ kingdom.