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Picture Books

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Barnett, Mac. Extra Yarn. [AR BL 3.2, Pts. 0.5] With a supply of yarn that never runs out, Annabelle knits for everyone and everything in town, until an evil archduke decides he wants the yarn for himself.  

Bridwell, Norman. Clifford the Big Red Dog. [AR BL 1.2, Pts. 0.5]
Emily Elizabeth describes the activities she enjoys with her very big, very red dog, and how they take care of each other.

Buzzeo, Toni. One Cool Friend. [AR BL 3.1, Pts. 0.5]
Elliot, a very proper young man, feels a kinship with the penguins at the aquarium and decides to take one home with him, with surprising results.

Bynum, Janie. Altoona Baboona. [AR BL 1.7, Pts. 0.5]
Altoona Baboona travels the world in her hot air balloona!


Dean, James. Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses. [AR BL 2.2, Pts. 0.5]
Pete the Cat wakes feeling grumpy, but with the help of some magic sunglasses, he learns that a good mood was inside himself all the time.

De la Pena, Matt. Last Stop on Market Street.* [AR BL 3.3, Pts. 0.5]
A young boy rides the bus across town with his grandmother and learns to appreciate beauty in everyday things.

Falconer, Ian. Olivia. [AR BL 2.2, Pts. 0.5]
Olivia is busy! She spends her day enjoying life. She sings loudly, creates masterpieces, and wears everyone out!

Ferry, Beth. The Scarecrow. [AR BL 2.3, Pts. 0.5] When a small, scared crow falls from midair, Scarecrow does the strangest thing: he saves the tiny baby crow. Soon a loving bond grows between the two unlikely friends. 

Gorbachev, Valeri. That’s What Friends are For. [AR BL 2.7, 0.5]
When Goat finds his friend Pig crying, he imagines all the terrible things that might have happened to cause his distress.

Henkes, Kevin. Chrysanthemum. {AR BL 3.3, Pts. 0.5]
A young mouse loves her beautiful name until friends at school make fun of it.


Holabird, Katharine. Angelina Ballerina. [AR BL 3.9, Pts. 0.5]
A little mouse named Angelina becomes a famous ballerina after much practice at Miss Lilly’s Ballet School.


Lionni, Leo. Inch by Inch.* [AR BL 1.8, Pts. 0.5]
To keep from being eaten, an inchworm measures a robin’s tail, a flamingo’s neck, a toucan’s beak, a heron’s legs, and a nightingale’s song.

London, Jonathan. Froggy’s Sleepover. [AR BL 2.2, Pts. 0.5]
Froggy is excited about his first sleepover, but a series of events sends Froggy and Max back and forth between their houses until it seems they will never fall asleep.

Medina, Meg.  Mango, Abuela and Me.* [AR BL 3.4, Pts. 0.5]
When Mia’s abuela comes to live with Mia and her family, she helps her learn English while Mia Learns Spanish, both with the help of a parrot named Mango.

Mora, Oge. Thank You, Omu! [AR BL 3.2, Pts. 0.5] When the aroma of Omu's homemade stew fills the air, her neighbors arrive, one by one, for a taste until all is gone except for her generous spirit.  

Mora, Pat. Tomas and the Library Lady.* [AR BL 2.7, Pts. 0.5]
While helping his family in their work as migrant laborers far from their home, Tomas finds an entire world to explore in the books at the local public library.

Ohora, Zachariah. Niblet and Ralph. [AR BL 2.4, Pts. 0.5] It’s a case of mistaken identity when two cats that look alike and live in the same apartment building sneak out to visit one another, causing worry for their young owners!  

Papp, Lisa. Madeline Finn and the Library Dog. [AR BL 2.3, Pts. 0.5] Reluctant reader Madeline really wants to earn a star at school. When the librarian suggests she read to a dog, Madeline gives it a try.  

Recorvits, Helen. My Name is Yoon. [AR BL 2.3, Pts. 0.5]
Disliking her name when written in English, Korean-born Yoon, or “shining wisdom,” begins to refer to herself as “cat,” “bird,” and “cupcake,” as a way to feel more comfortable in her new school and new country.

Rubin, Adam. Dragons Love Tacos. [AR BL 3.1, Pts. 0.5] Dragons may love tacos, but it could be dangerous to feed them anything with spicy salsa.  

Sullivan, John. Kitten and the Night Watchman. [AR BL 2.0, Pts. 0.5] As he makes his rounds, a night watchman hears birds calling, insects buzzing, and vehicles roaring by, while a stray kitten keeps him company. 

Taback, Sims. There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. [AR BL 2.1, 0.5]
One thing leads to another after an old lady swallows a fly. No one knows why!

Young, Ed. Seven Blind Mice.* [AR BL 1.9, Pts. 0.5]
Retells, in verse, the Indian fable of the blind men discovering different parts of an elephant and arguing about its appearance. The blind arguers are depicted as mice.



(Levels: Pre-Primer 0-3)

(1) Arnold, Tedd. Fly High, Fly Guy! [AR BL 1.4, Pts. 0.5]
When Buzz, his parents, and his pet fly go on a road trip and get lost, Fly Guy comes to the rescue to help them find their way home.

(1)Berenstain, Stan and Jan. The Berenstain Bears: The Big Honey Hunt. [AR BL 1.7, Pts. 0.5]                                                            Papa Bear tries to teach Small Bear how to find honey in a honey tree. 

(1) Capucilli, Alyssa Satin. Biscuit Goes to School. [AR BL 0.9, Pts. 0.5]
A dog follows the bus to school, where he meets the teacher and takes part on the activities of the class.

(1) Eastman, P. D. Are You My Mother? [AR BL 1.6, Pts. 0.5]
While out getting food for her baby who was about to hatch, a mother bird misses his arrival, so he goes looking for her.

(1) Gilman, Grace. Dixie. [AR BL 1.7, Pts. 0.5]
Dixie the puppy plays with Emma every day after school until Emma begins memorizing her lines for the school play.

(0)Hillert, Margaret. Dear Dragon Goes to the Library. [AR BL 0.9, Pts. 0.5]                                                                                                      A boy and his pet dragon go to story time and take out books from the library.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              (1)Hoff, Syd. Chester. [AR BL 1.9, Pts. 0.5]                                                                                                                                                            A wild horse searches for someone to love and care for him.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (2)Hoff, Syd. Sammy the Seal. [AR BL 2.0, Pts. 0.5]                                                                                                                                          Upon discovering what life is like outside zoo, sammy decides there is no place like home.              

(1) Karlin, Nurit. The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat. [AR BL 1.9, Pts. 0.5]
Rat tries to get the fat cat off the mat and back to his usual resting place in the vat.

(1) Lin, Grace. Ling and Ting: Not Exactly the Same!* [AR BL 1.8, Pts. 0.5]
Ling and Ting are Chinese-American identical twins that people think are exactly the same, but time and again they prove to be different.

(1)Manushkin, Fran. Katie Woo, Where Are You? [AR BL 2.1, Pts. 0.5]                                                                                                             While shopping with her parents in a mall, Katie helps a lost boy, not realizing that she may be lost, too.  

(1) Minarik, Else Holmelund. A Kiss for Little Bear. [AR BL 1.4, Pts. 0.5]
Little Bear’s thank-you kiss from Grandmother gets passed on to him from many animals and greatly aids the skunk’s romance.

(1) Seuss, Dr. The Cat in the Hat. [AR BL 2.1, 0.5]
All alone on a rainy day, Sally and her brother have nothing to do. Fortunately the Cat in the Hat arrives to save the day.

(1)Willems, Mo. I Will Take a Nap! [AR BL 1.2, Pts. 0.5] Gerald is tired and cranky and wants to take a nap, but Piggie is not helping.