By receiving a Fullerton Public Library card, you agree to be responsible for all materials borrowed, any fines, and any loss or damage of library materials. Do not loan your library card to anyone else -- Library cards should be used only by the person to whom they have been issued. The physical library card or a physical ID (see requirements: "Get a Library Card") must be presented by the cardholder to access records or check out materials. 

Library materials are public property and the failure to return borrowed materials is a serious offense. Patrons who have items that are long overdue may be referred to a materials recovery agency. 

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian, not the library, to monitor children in their internet usage when utilizing hotspots.

The individual to whom the card is issued (or parent/guardian) is responsible for the following:

  • The return, in good condition, of all materials borrowed
  • Payment of fines incurred for any overdue fines, damaged, or lost materials
  • Reporting a lost or stolen card immediately
  • All charges on the card until it is reported lost or stolen
  • Reporting any changes in name, address, e-mail address, or phone number
  • All charges on the card as the result of lending the card or library materials to another individual