Cam Jansen and the chocolate fudge mystery by David A. Adler - When Cam Jansen and her friend Eric uncover a mystery while selling fudge door-to-door to raise money for the local library, Cam uses her photographic memory to foil a crime

Inspector Flytrap by Tom Angleberger - Hoping to become the greatest detective that ever grew, Inspector Flytrap, a Venus flytrap, and his assistant, Nina the Goat, investigate "big deal" mysteries at an art museum, a cookie shop, and a garden

The haunted library by Dori Hillestad Butler - When his haunt is torn down and he is separated from his ghost family, Kaz befriends human Claire, who has the ability to see ghosts, and helps her investigate a haunting at the local library

The Chicken Squad : the first misadventure by Doreen Cronin - They're chicks on a mission, and on this, their first (mis)adventure, the Chicken Squad launches a galactic backyard expedition

Sherlock Sam and the missing heirloom in Katong by A.J. Low - Sherlock Sam, Singapore's greatest kid detective, investigates the disappearance of Auntie Kim Lian's precious Peranakan cookbook

The case of the snack snatcher by Liam O'Donnell - When someone breaks into the school kitchen and steals the morning snacks, third-grade detective Myron, his self-appointed partner Hajrah, and the ragtag crew of room 15 are on the case

January joker by Ron Roy - Seven-year-olds Bradley, Brian, Nate, and Lucy make observations and gather clues that convince them that their older siblings, cousin, and animals have been captured by hungry space aliens

Buttercup mystery by Kristin Earhart - Willa and Ben must find out who is poisoning the Starlings' new horse, Buttercup, before it is too late

Ghost trap : a Wild Willie mystery by Barbara M. Joosse - When Wild Willie's best friend Kyle moves back to the neighborhood the boys suspect that Kyle's new house is haunted

Geronimo and the gold medal mystery by Geronimo Stilton - Geronimo goes to Athens to report on the Olympics, and after observing some of the games he become suspicious about Cyrus von Snootrat who seems to be winning every event

Word travelers and the Taj Mahal mystery by Raj Haldar - Eddie and MJ are suddenly transported to India where they must use their word knowledge to solve a mystery and help their new friend Dev save his school

Fabio the world's greatest flamingo detective : mystery on the Ostrich Express by Laura James - While traveling by train to their vacation resort, flamingo detective Fabio and his giraffe associate, Gilbert, investigate a jewelry theft

The trouble with chickens : a J.J. Tully mystery by Doreen Cronin - A hard-bitten former search-and-rescue dog helps solve a complicated missing chicken case

The case of the nibbled pizza by Tadgh Bentley - When brother and sister duo, Dino Detective and Awesome Possum, discover Grandma Thunderclaps's pizza is missing all its pepperoni, they jump into action to find out who is to blame

Mac undercover by Mac Barnett - One day, Mac (smartest boy in his class in a small town in California) receives a telephone call from the Queen of England, recruiting him to find the crown jewels (well, actually just the Coronation Spoon)