Cam Jansen and the first day of school mystery by David A. Adler - On her first day of fifth grade, Cam Jansen uses her photographic memory to help the police find a car thief. Includes a memory game

Never glue your friends to chairs by Katherine Applegate - When the first-graders' bee antennae would not stay on their heads and the drummers would not stay in their seats for the open house play, Roscoe decides to help by using the "don't-you-dare" glue

Princess Posey and the first grade parade by Stephanie Greene - Posey's fear of starting first grade is alleviated when her teacher invites the students to wear their most comfortable clothes to school on the first day

The year of Billy Miller by Kevin Henkes - Award-winning, nationally bestselling author Kevin Henkes introduces second-grader Billy Miller in this fast-paced and funny story about friendship, sibling rivalry, and elementary school

The unlucky lottery winners of Classroom 13 by Honest Lee & Matthew J. Gilbert - When unlucky teacher Ms. Linda LaCrosse wins the lottery, she shares her winnings with her class-giving each student over a BILLION DOLLARS!

Alvin Ho : allergic to girls, school, and other scary things by Lenore Look - ALVIN HO IS an Asian American second grader who is afraid of everything‚ÄĒelevators, tunnels, girls, and, most of all, school

Clementine's letter by Sara Pennypacker - Clementine can't believe her ears-her beloved teacher, Mr. D'Matz, might be leaving them for the rest of the year to go on a research trip to Egypt!

Fourth grade rats by Jerry Spinelli - Suds learns that his best friend is wrong. You don't have to be a tough guy, a "rat," to be a grown up fourth grader

8 class pets + 1 squirrel [divided by] 1 dog = chaos by Vivian Vande Velde - A dog chases a squirrel into an elementary school one night, creating monumental chaos

Mermaid School by Lucy Courtenay - New to Lady Sealia Foam's Mermaid School, Marnie Blue worries about fitting in and doing the right thing when a classmate is in danger

Monster's first day of school by Hannah Barnaby - Wanting to learn more about where his friend Boy spends his weekdays, Monster accompanies Boy to school

Geeger the Robot goes to school by Jarrett Lerner - Geeger the Robot is going to school. But not robot school ... a school with kids, the human kind!