Peanut butter's first day of school by Terry Border - Peanut Butter is worried about his first day at a new school, so he asks his friends how he should get ready

Pete the cat. Too cool for school by Kimberly and James Dean - Pete just can't decide which outfit to wear to school! He has so many options to choose from. Fans of Pete the Cat will enjoy Pete's creativity in choosing the coolest outfit

Sammy, the seal by Syd Hoff - Upon discovering what it is like outside the zoo, Sammy decides there is no place like home

Mr. Monkey visits a school by Jeff Mack - Mr. Monkey is invited to visit a school to perform a trick he just learned, but nothing goes as planned

Fox at school by Edward Marshall - Starring in the school play means hard work, and being left in charge means keeping the class under control, but - uh-oh! - Fox thinks there's nothing to it. But will Fox retreat? Never!

Joe and Sparky go to school by Jamie Michalak - Accidentally becoming stuck on a school bus that has just pulled away from their cageless zoo, Safari World, Sparky and his buddy, Joe, arrive at the school and learn a variety of new things

Daniel plays at school by Daphne Pendergrass - Daniel Tiger and Miss Elaina learn to compromise when they want to do different things while playing together and receive Teacher Harriet's gentle encouragement to try to fix the problem themselves