Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to get an Adult Fullerton Public Library card?

In general, you will need a valid picture ID, and proof of your current address. In most cases, a CA Driver License will meet both these requirements.

For complete information regarding requirements for a Fullerton Public Library Card, please visit our Borrowing Information page.

I don’t live in Fullerton. Can I have a library card?

Yes, all California residents with proper identification may receive a card of the Fullerton Public Library.

May others use my library card?

The library discourages the use of another individual’s library card. However, if a person’s card is in the possession of another, and that card has not been reported to the library as stolen or lost, library personnel must assume that the person who has possession of the card has permission of its owner. Remember: everything checked out on your card is your responsibility. Treat your library card as you would a credit card.

How many items may I check out at one time?

There is no limit on the total amount of items, but a limit of 5 items in a subject area.

Complete information about loan periods.

What services are available at the Cards and Accounts Desk?

  • Check out of Library Materials
  • Payment of Library fines
  • Payment for Lost Material
  • Library Card Registration
  • Lost and Found

What fines does the library charge on overdue items?

Fines for Adult items are $.25 per day, per item. Fines on videos and DVDs are $1.00 per day, per item. There are no fines on children’s materials.

Items that remain overdue for an excessive period of time are marked as “Lost.” The cost of the item and a $5.00 fee will be assessed to your account. If the item is subsequently returned, the item’s cost will be removed, but you will still owe the $5.00 Lost Processing Fee and any overdue fines accrued.

More information about fines and fees.

How can I avoid overdue fines?

  • Keep your reminder receipt in a prominent place (such as on the refrigerator or on your calendar).
  • Call the Circulation Desk at 714 738-6334. They’ll be happy to tell you what’s due or renew your items.
  • Bookmark the library catalog, and check your account online.
  • If you are moving, make the library part of your “list of things to do” and return your items.
  • Do not pack library books with your other belongings.
  • Talk to us about any unusual circumstances regarding your checked out items. Let us know right away if there is a problem.
  • Use an online reminder service, e.g. Library Elf or Library Books
  • Return your library items to the 24-hour outside bookdrop (to the left of the Main Library entrance). Items returned in the outside bookdrop will need to be returned by midnight on the date due to avoid fines.

Will I be notified if I have overdue items?

Yes, you will be notified by our phone notification system, or by a printed notice sent by mail. If your library account has an email address associated with it, you will also recieve notification 3 days BEFORE your due date.

Will I be notified if I have a fine?

You will receive a printed notice if you have unpaid fines or fees exceeding $25.00. You can check your account for lower amounts online, over the phone, and in person at the library.

Does the library charge for damage to items?

Library items should be returned in the condition in which they were checked out. If they are returned with major damage (e.g. damaged by liquids, moldy, chewed by a pet, pages or pictures cut out or missing etc.) you will be asked to pay the original cost of the item plus a $5.00 processing fee (which is non-refundable).

You are responsible for the cost of the item when library materials are stolen while checked out on your library card. Check with your insurance. You may be covered for the cost of the theft. Report the theft to the police.

Does the library use a collection agency to track down long overdue materials?

YES, library users owing $50 or more in fines and or in unreturned materials can be referred to a collection agency. As a result, failure to return library materials or pay fines could affect your credit rating. Those accounts with items under $50.00 are not sent but the patron is not able to use their card until the fines are paid and or items are returned or paid for if lost.

Are there charges for reserves?

There are no charges to place a reserve or hold. However, if an item has been reserved for you and you do not pick it up in five days, your account will be charged a $1.00 fine.

More information about fees and fines.

Should I let you know if I change my address?

Yes. Let us know whenever you change any information on your library record. Our electronic notification system for overdues requires up-to-date patron telephone information and our reserve notification and overdue mailers require up-to-date address information.

Does the Library have audio books for online download?

Yes! Check out our Overdrive site to get started.

Does the Library have copy machines for public use?

Yes, the libraries have black & white copiers. The cost is 15¢ per page.  Color copying is not available.

Does the Library have word processors for public use?

Yes. There are 39 PCs with word processing and other office software installed at the Main Library. The Children’s Department has another 14 for use by kids up to the 8th grade.

Does the Library have a fax machine for public use?

No. At this time there is no fax machine available for public use.

Does the Library have a scanner for public use?

No. At this time there is no scanner available for public use.

Does the Library have wireless access (WiFi)?

Yes, the Library does have wi-fi access available throughout the Main Library. There are no special passwords or log in requirements.

Does the Library have Internet Access for public use?

Yes. The Main Library has 39 stations in the Technology Area and 8 stations in the Children’s Room. Stations are available on a first come first serve. Reservations are not needed for Main Library workstations.

How fast are the Library Internet stations?

It varies. Our filtering software and the large number of users we service can limit access speeds.

Does the Library have Tax forms?

No, normally the Library does not carry tax forms. The only access the Library has to tax forms is via government websites or located in Lassers tax guides. Call the Main Library to see if they have the one you need. The Library does carry tax publications and legal books. You may want to visit these web sites for tax information and forms:

How many public libraries are there in Fullerton?

There is currently only one Main Library in the Fullerton Public Library system.

How can I donate materials do the Library?

We welcome donations! Donations may be brought to the Main Library any time the library is open. Donors may request a receipt for tax purposes.  Note: the donation box is located on the Short Street side of the building.

Can I volunteer at the Library?

Sure! Fill in our online form or come in and pick up an application form at the Information Desk.

Who is in charge of the Library?

The Director of the Library. There is a Library Board of Trustees which is a governing board that is appointed by the City Council.

Are there any restrictions on behavior while using the Library?


The Library discourages any type of behavior that infringes on a library user’s expectation for a quiet and safe environment conducive to reading, studying and concentration. Generally speaking, individuals will not engage in any behavior that denies other users this courtesy. The Code of Conduct also assumes that all illegal activities at any library facility are prohibited.

Specific behaviors that are discouraged include, but are not restricted to:

  1. Skateboards, bookbags and other personal items must not obstruct pathways or deny others from using library seating areas.
  2. Radios, computer laptops, audiocassette, DVD, MP3 and CD players, must be operated with headphones and at a volume level that does not disturb others.
  3. The maximum number of persons sharing a study table is four.
  4. Loud talking, laughing, jostling or other disruptive behavior must not interfere with other people’s ability to concentrate.
  5. Library furniture will not be moved or rearranged.
  6. Laptops are permitted so long as they do not disturb or cause injury to others.
  7. Public restrooms will not be used for bathing, shaving, or washing of clothes.

The Library kindly requests the cooperation of its users in enforcing these rules. However, in the event that an individual continues to engage in unacceptable behavior after being informed of this policy, that person will be asked to leave the premises immediately. The Library Director has been authorized by the Library Board of Trustees to revoke library privileges, cards and access to the Library for a period to be determined by the director. The Fullerton Police Department may be called upon to assist in the enforcement of this policy.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees on February 22, 2001.

Revised by the Library Board of Trustees on March 24, 2005.

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