Sources for Savvy Students

Fullerton Public Library has lots of resources to help you with your research.

Primary Resources – (Caution: This will open a Word Document) Many teachers are looking for information from the time period that you’re researching. Take a look at these books and links to learn about history from the people who lived it.

Primary Resources: Internet Links – Here are links to AUTHORITATIVE web-based primary resources. These include photos, letters, newspaper articles and more.

Literary Criticism – Need to get information on just why “The Great Gatsby” is so great? Check out these resources to get the critics’ takes on famous works of literature.

Books 300+ Pages long – Got an assignment for reading a book based on page count? Try this list of books that the library has. We promise that you won’t feel like you’re actually reading 300 pages (This is an Excel spreadsheet form, so you can download it, and get genre tags, too.)

Pathfinders – These documents will walk you through the research needed for specific topics.

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