Friends of FPL

Membership in the Friends of the Fullerton Public Library is open to all.

Everyone who applies is entitled to the privileges that membership entails.
Names are placed on the Friends mailing list to receive the newsletter and notices of special programs sponsored by the Friends. Membership in the Friends includes early admission to the used book and magazine sales, as well as access to other annual events. Since community membership is vital to the group it is hoped that you will join soon. The Friends welcome new members.

The Friends volunteer Board members meet Monday mornings to sort and price the hundreds of books donated by the community. All proceeds from the sales are donated to the Library.


Book Store

Located in the Main Library, the store is open six days a week.


Monday-Saturday: 10 AM to 4 PM



Our tri-annual book sales are attended by book lovers from throughout the Southland. Friends not only host these events, they also have the privilege of purchasing items prior to admittance of the general public. Click here or refer to the calendar of events for upcoming dates.

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