2016 Summer Reading Club

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Join us for the Children’s, Teen, and Adult Reading Clubs this summer!

“Read for the Win” is the sports-themed Children’s Summer Reading Club. Children through 8th grade can sign up! You’ll keep track of your time spent reading and earn prizes.


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“Geek the Library” is the teen and adult Summer Reading Club. Come to the library to find out more!

Super Smash Brothers Tournament for Teens!


Community Registration is required.

Registration begins July 1st 10:00 AM

Ends July 18th 9:00 AM


Age Groups: (32 players max per group)



We will be playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl

*Players must arrive by 12:45 PM on the day of the tournament to check in. After 1:00 PM we will take players off the online waitlist.

* Registration must include desired character (MetaKnight is not allowed. Anyone registering with MetaKnight will be assigned Jigglypuff.)

* Players may not bring or use their own controllers.

* Players caught tampering with the equipment or game will be disqualified.

* Players bullying other players or displaying unsportsmanlike behavior will be disqualified.

* Stage for all games: Final Destination.

* No items except for final smash balls.

* Games will be 4 players, 3 stock, free for all, 5:00 minute timer.

* Finals will be 1 on 1, 5 stock, 8:00 minute timer.

* Best player from each age category wins $50 GameStop giftcard.

* Winners from each category will play because it’s fun.

* By registering for the Super Smash Brothers Tournament, you agree to have your picture taken for promotional use by the Fullerton Public Library and may appear in print, online, social media. and/or other formats.

* All decisions by Fullerton Public Library Staff are final.

* No prize refunds or exchanges are permitted.

* No items allowed except for final round, smash balls.

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