Biz Stats

This is the leading online source for small business statistics, including financial ratios, benchmarks, and information as specific as the safest and riskiest types of small businesses.


Owned and operated by Palo Alto Software, Inc. as a free resource to help entrepreneurs plan better businesses, the site contains guidelines for writing business marketing, Web strategy, and advertising plans; it also contains the largest single collection of free (and some for-fee) sample business plans.

California Business Portal

This guide to starting a business in California is maintained by the Secretary of State; it is available in English and Spanish.

Maintained by Entrepreneur Magazine to support new business ideas and growing companies, the site contains tips, articles, and online resources on everything for people starting a small business. It is also available in Spanish as Soy Entrepreneur.


Guidance and helpful tips on how to market and patent new products.

Startup Journal

An online resource updated daily by The Wall Street Journal, this site contains practical tools, links to reliable resources, timely news, and information on current business opportunities.

Start-up Kits

These kits offer how-to guides, start-up cost estimates, research tips, and links to associations and franchises for over 40 types of businesses.

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