Podcasts and RSS


Podcasting allows you to download sound files and listen to them when you like: on your computer, in your car, on your iPod®. Explore the links below to become familiar with this technology.

What is podcasting?

"Podcasting is automatic, it’s easy to control by the listener, it’s portable, and it’s always available" (from Michael Geoghegan’s Podcast Solutions, page 6). The podcaster puts audiofiles, usually in MP3 format, on a web site for downloading via a manual or automatic “feed.” You can hear the podcast on your computer, portable or built-in media player.

What software and/or equipment do I need to listen to podcasts?

You need to download the latest version of iTunes or a smiliar product, e.g.: Odeo or Juice. Now you can listen to podcasts on your computer provided it can play MP3 audio files. Finally, transfer your audiofiles from your computer to your portable media device.

You’ll see podcasts offered on many business oriented websites, i.e. sites run by magazines, radio and TV stations. Use some of the podcast links below to get the hang of this new technology. The list below serves only as a guide to this emerging medium.

Business Podcast Directory

Podcast.com provides hundreds of business oriented podcasts.


by contrast allows you to stay informed by receiving summaries of developing stories as they are published from web sites you are interested in. Before you can bookmark the typically orange RSS/XML icons RSS logo XML logo , you need an RSS Reader. To keep things simple, we are listing just two of many available free newsreaders:

For a thorough treatment of the RSS subject, go to Wikipedia.

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