Guides and Directories



This site is the home page for the Federal government’s business-related information, with multiple internal and external links to a wide variety of topics. This site is also available in Spanish.


Librarians maintain this up-to-date guide to authoritative and reliable Web sites, annotated and arranged by category.

Search Systems

The site contains the largest free public records database collection for searching a huge array of public record information of all types. It can be searched nationwide or by the state, and it provides links that range from licensed professions in California to charitable trusts, from property foreclosure sales to city and county tax rates.

Small and Home Based Business Links

This useful site provides links to almost everything related to small and home-based businesses, from franchises and marketing to government grants.

Thomas Global Register

Solusource is partnering with the Thomas Global Register (TGR), a directory of 550,000 manufacturers and distributors from 29 countries, classified by 10,500 products and services categories. Its mission is to bring industrial buyers and sellers together on the web to facilitate the purchasing process. The site is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and German.

U.S. Small Business Administration

This government agency’s mission is to aid, counsel, assist, and protect the interests of small businesses. It includes links to the six lead California regional offices, as well as major sections on starting, financing, and expanding a small business. It is also available in Spanish.

Key pages on the SBA site include:

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