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Book Beats: Jazz in Children’s Picture Books.

Building Blocks: Books too good for Preschoolers to miss.

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California Department of Education Recommendations
A database of recommended titles for children in kindergarten
through 12th grade, developed by the California Department of Education.

Family Values: Classic and Christian Reads
Classic and Christian “gentle reads” for 4th through 8th

Folktales and Fairytales
A listing of popular tales as told by various authors.

Fractured Fairytales
These picture books are fun and surprising retellings of well-known

If You Like Harry Potter…
A list of books for those who love tales of magic and adventure.

If You Like Lemony Snicket… 

You’ll find fast-paced adventure, quirky characters, clever humor and a touch of eeriness in these read-alikes for Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.

*Items may be found in multiple locations. Check the catalog or ask a librarian for assistance.

A simple listing of books about mermaids from picture books and folktales
through junior high.

Nonfiction (4th Grade and Up)
Very readable non-fiction stories for 4th grade and up.

Patriotic Picture Books
Share America’s story with creative nonfiction picture books.

Predictable Stories
Useful stories to read with your emerging reader.

Primary Grades
An annotated list of recommended readings for children from kindergarten through third grade.

Royal Reads
Picture books stories about princes and princesses.

Scary Stories
Looking for a ghost story? For older children (grades 5 and up).

Science Fiction
An annotated list of books for beginning science fiction fans (2nd
grade level).

Gripping Historical Fiction (recommended for grades 6-8)

Amazing African American

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