Photography and Reproduction Use Regulations


  1. Persons making photographs or reproductions of photographs in the collection for any purpose must submit the APPLICATION FOR PERMISSION TO PHOTOGRAPH OR REPRODUCE LOCAL HISTORY MATERIALS. An authorized member of the Library staff must approve this application. A fee may be charged by the Library.
  2. Photographs taken or reproduced for any commercial use, such as publication in books, magazines, or in separate print form, including wall decoration for a business establishment, must have the approval of the Library Director. The borrower, photographer, publisher, or producer must explain fully the intended use of the photographs and certify on the application that said photographs are solely for the use intended and that no secondary utilization in any other form, or by any other business, is intended. Any further reproduction is prohibited without the written permission of the Fullerton Public Library.

    The only exception to the above regulation is photography by local newspapers or magazines for publicity purposes or to illustrate feature articles.

  3. The Library reserves the right to determine the limitations of distance, brilliance and duration of lighting for photography of library materials, due to the injurious effect which light and heat have on some materials.
  4. Permission for commercial publication of photographs or reproductions requires the following conformance to library policy:
    1. Credit must be given to the Fullerton Public Library.
    2. If the reproduction is to be used in advertising, approval must be obtained from the Library Director on the manner in which the reproduction will be used as well as the copy which will accompany it.
  5. Under no circumstances will the library give permission to distributors of photographs that do not publish themselves but sell photographs of pictures to publishers. The library reserves the right to deal directly with any of the controls which it exercises over the proper reproduction of its local history materials.

For additional questions, please contact the Local History Room at 714-738-6342.

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