Meeting Room Policies and Regulations

Meeting Room Policies and Regulations


The Main Library facilities are primarily for the purpose of carrying out various phases of library programs. Secondary use, when there is no interference with library programs, is limited as follows:

Qualifying User Groups in Descending Order of Priority

    • GROUP 1
      1. Fullerton City Government and Departments
      2. Library support groups/organizations
      3. Fullerton public school districts
    • GROUP 2

Fullerton based civic, service, educational, or cultural nonprofit organizations.*

    • GROUP 3

Non-Fullerton based civic, service, educational, or cultural nonprofit organizations.*

    • GROUP 4

Individuals, commercial businesses, and professional firms that conduct private or company activities which are compatible with the functions of a public library. These may include seminars, workshops and training sessions.

*Documentation of nonprofit status may be required.

The fact that an individual or group is given permission to use the facility in no way constitutes endorsement of the policies or beliefs of that group by the Library Director or the Library Board of Trustees.

The meeting rooms shall not be used for meetings sponsored by a single political or religious organization. In the interest of civic enlightenment and public education, use may be granted for political meetings provided the general public is invited and that all political parties have been invited. No meetings or activities shall be held for the purpose of advancing any doctrine or theory subversive under the Constitution of the United States.


  1. Application for use of the Main Library meeting rooms shall be made in the Administration Office, 353 West Commonwealth, Ave., Fullerton 92832, (714) 738-6380. Tentative booking may be made by telephone, but written application forms must be filled out completely and submitted no less than two (2) weeks prior to intended use. Permission to use the room is granted in writing and shall not be confirmed until the form is signed by the Library Director for the Main Library. Only one meeting per month may be scheduled by any organization depending on demand.
  2. Fees for Groups 2, 3, and 4 shall be payable 10 days in advance of scheduled meeting.
  3. Use regulations: The meeting rooms shall NOT BE USED:
    1. for meetings at which an admission is charged. This excludes any events or fund-raisers sponsored by the Friends of the Library or the Library Foundation so long as they meet the Mission and Vision statements of the Fullerton Public Library.
    2. for meetings not open to the public.
    3. by an individual or organization for personal profit, aggrandizement, or advertisement.
    4. for any meeting which is solely commercial in purpose or at which goods or services are advertised and sold.
    5. for social occasions unless they are a part of the program.
    6. for a practice hall.
  4. Cancellation of meetings and activities by users shall be made no less than two (2) days prior to the scheduled use of the facility without forfeiting any fees collected by the library. The failure of such notification shall result in forfeiture of fees.
    It is the responsibility of the individual who signs the application to ensure the orderly conduct of the group and for library equipment used. Users shall leave the furniture and equipment in the meeting rooms in the same arrangement as found, unless otherwise instructed.
  5. Art exhibits shall not be removed without prior approval.
  6. Smoking is prohibited by law in the library. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure strict enforcement of the no-smoking regulation.
  7. Closing Time. All groups using library facilities must have meetings completed 15 minutes prior to closing time or make special arrangements in advance.
  8. Time and Location. Due to the scheduling of a variety of activities, applicants shall confine their events to the specific time and location indicated on their application.
  9. Compliance. Lack of compliance with the Meeting Room Use Policy and Regulations is grounds for denial of future use.
  10. Refreshments. Light refreshments may be served. HOWEVER, IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE USER TO LEAVE THE ROOMS CLEAN FOR THE NEXT GROUP. Applicants shall make every effort to avoid beverage spills and crumbs on the carpet and furniture. Requests to serve refreshments must be made at the time reservations are made. A refundable cleaning deposit is required and must be paid by separate check along with the payment of fees.
  11. Use of Alcohol. Refer to the City of Fullerton’s Use Policy.


User agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless City of Fullerton its officers, agents, employees, and volunteers from all loss, cost and expense arising out of any liability or claim of liability for personal injury, bodily injury to persons, contractual liability and damage to property sustained or claimed to have been sustained by the City of Fullerton or by anyone in connection with user’s negligent acts, errors or omissions or those of any of its officers, agents or employees, whether such act is authorized by this Agreement or not; and user shall pay for all damage to the property of City of Fullerton, or loss or theft of such property, done or caused by such persons. The City of Fullerton assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any property placed on the premises. The provisions of this Article do not apply to any damage or loss caused solely by the negligence of the City of Fullerton or any of its agents or employees.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees on 6/28/2012.

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