Collection and Technology



The collection of books is more than 290,000 volumes, and includes the full range of knowledge. The Library subscribes to more than 395 magazines and newspapers, and has electronic access to over 3,000 additional periodicals. Also available are 6,000 videocasettes and DVDs, 7,000 compact discs and audio-casettes, and many recorded books, as well as language instruction.

In other parts of the library, special collections include reading materials in Large Print, Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese languages, a Business Center, a Travel Collection, an Index of locally held Sheet Music, and Local History.


Your library endeavors to provide the most popular software and hardware. With over 60 computers and many specialized subscription databases, patrons enjoy access to a wide variety of applications and knowledge in a high tech environment. Users of the Internet in the library agree to abide by the library’s Internet Use Policy.

Your library offers these productivity tools by Microsoft Corporation:
word processing (MS Word), spreadsheet (MS Excel), and presentation software (MS PowerPoint).

The Main Library offers free Wifi access throughout.

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