Class Visits


Fullerton Public Library staff is pleased to host a visit from your class. In order to prepare for the class visit, we need the following information. Also, please take a moment to read the guidelines for class visits; these insure that your students will have a positive and productive experience in the library. Please complete and submit this form electronically or submit by mail or in person. If you have questions, please call Tim Mountain at (714) 773-6325 or Chaunacey Dunklee at (714)738-3343. See you soon.

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Daytime Phone:

Date of Visit:

Time of Visit:

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Alternate Time of Visit:

GUIDELINE: Visits may begin as early as 9:05 a.m. Instructions in the library catalog must be done before 10:00 a.m.

Length of visit:

GUIDELINE: A library tour may take from 30 minutes to one and a half hours, depending on depth of information. Basic instruction in the library catalog takes 30 minutes to one hour. If a visit to the Children’s Room is included, add an additional 10-15 minutes.

Grade Level:

Number of Students:

Accompanying Adults:

GUIDELINE: A library tour group may be up to 15 students. If the group is larger, 2 simultaneous tours may be arranged, if sufficient library staff is available. Groups to be instructed in the library catalog are ideally 8, but may be more if there are accompanying adults and/or teachers. No more than 16 students may be accommodated in one library catalog instructional session. Instruction in other library resources is best done with groups no greater than 12.

Do your students have a specific assignment to accomplish while in the Library?

GUIDELINE: If so, please let us have a copy of the assignment or briefly describe it. With advance notice, librarians may check for appropriate resources in preparation.

Will your students be registering for Library Cards?

GUIDELINE: If so, please have students complete our online registration at least one day prior to the class visit. For printed application forms, please stop by the library ahead of the class visit to pick up application forms for library cards, or ask that we mail them to you. Please have the students fill out the forms before the visit; bring them to the Main Desk at least one day prior to the class visit. At the time of the visit students must bring with them photo I.D. and proof of home address. The forms and I.D.s will be processed while the tour or visit is conducted. Your students will be ready to borrow materials immediately after the tour visit.

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