Building Blocks

 Books too good for preschoolers to miss!



Ahlberg, Janet. Each Peach, Pear, Plum: An “I Spy” Story

Rhymed text and illustrations invite the reader to play “I Spy” with a variety of

Mother Goose and other folklore characters.

Alborough, Jez. Where’s My Teddy?

When a small boy named Eddie goes searching for his lost teddy in the dark

woods, he comes across a gigantic bear with a similar problem.

Arnosky, Jim. Rabbits and Raindrops

Mother rabbit’s five babies hop out of her nest to nibble clover, meet

grasshoppers, spiders, and bees, play tag, and run for shelter when it rains.

 Every Autumn Comes the Bear

Every autumn a bear shows up behind the farm, and goes through a series of

routines before finding a den among the hilltop boulders where he sleeps all

winter long.

Asch, Frank. Happy Birthday, Moon

When a bear discovers that the moon shares his birthday, he buys the moon a

beautiful hat as a present.

Aylesworth, Jim. The Gingerbread Man

A freshly baked gingerbread man escapes when he is taken out of the oven and

eludes a number of pursuers until he meets a clever fox.

Old Black Fly.

Rhyming text and illustrations follow a mischievous old black fly through the

alphabet as he has a very busy bad day landing where he should not be.

Barracca, Debra. Adventures of Taxi Dog

A stray dog in New York City is adopted by a taxi driver, with whom he

thereafter rides and shares adventures each day.

Bemelmans, Ludwig. Madeline

Madeline, smallest and naughtiest of the twelve little charges of Miss Clavel,

wakes up one night with an attack of appendicitis.

Bornstein, Ruth. Little Gorilla

Little Gorilla’s family and friends try to help him overcome his special growing


Bridwell, Norman. Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Emily Elizabeth describes the activities she enjoys with her very big, very red dog

and how they take care of each other.

Brett, Jan. The Mitten.

Several animals sleep snugly in Nicki’s lost mitten until the bear sneezes

Brown, Marcia. Stone Soup

When three hungry soldiers come to a town where all the food has been hidden,

they set out to make soup of water and stones, and all the town enjoys a feast.

Brown, Margaret Wise. Goodnight Moon

A little bunny bids goodnight to all the objects in his room before falling asleep.

The Runaway Bunny.

A little rabbit who wants to run away tells his mother how he will escape, but she

is always right behind him.

Brunhoff, Jean de. The Story of Babar

An orphaned baby elephant goes to live in the city with an old lady who gives him

everything he wants, but eventually returns to the forest where he is crowned king

of the elephants.

Bunting, Eve. Flower Garden.

Helped by her father, a young girl prepares a flower garden as a birthday surprise

for her mother.

Burningham, John. Mr. Gumpy’s Motor Car

Mr. Gumpy’s human and animal friends squash into his old car and go for a drive

— until it starts to rain.

 Mr. Gumpy’s Outing

 Mr. Gumpy accepts more and more riders on his boat until the inevitable occurs.

Burton, Virginia Lee. The Little House

A country house is unhappy when the city, with all its buildings and traffic, grows

up around her.

 Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel.

When Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel, Mary Ann, lose their jobs to the

gasoline, electric, and diesel motor shovels, they go to a little country town where

they find that one new job leads to another.

Carle, Eric. Little Cloud

A little cloud becomes all sorts of things–sheep, an airplane, trees, a hat–before

joining other clouds and raining.

 The Mixed-Up Chameleon

 A bored chameleon wishes it could be more like all the other animals it sees, but

soon decides it would rather just be itself. Cutouts along the edges of the pages

display various animals and colors.

 1, 2, 3 to the Zoo

 Each car on the train has one more zoo animal than the one before, from the car

with one elephant to the one with ten birds.

 The Secret Birthday Message

 A young boy’s adventure following a coded message to find his birthday gift

acquaints children with following instructions, reading maps and recognizing


 The Tiny Seed

 Join the tiny seed on an adventure as it becomes a giant flower!

 The Very Busy Spider

 The farm animals try to divert a busy little spider from spinning her web, but she

persists and produces a thing of both beauty and usefulness. The pictures may be

felt as well as seen.

 The Very Hungry Caterpillar

 Follows the progress of a hungry little caterpillar as he eats his way through a

varied and very large quantity of food until, full at last, he forms a cocoon around


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